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RIM4D - Relaxation In Motion 4D

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What is RIM4D?


Relaxation In Motion 4D is a Recreational Motion Art.

RIM4D has been developed and based on the best practices of several Eastern Martial Arts and Western exercises.

RIM4D is being practiced in a new revolutionary 4D concept.

RIM4D is a silent bridge of tranquility between East & West.


Come and Discover Your RIM4D Universe


With RIM4D you can practice anytime from sunrise to sunset based on your personal preferences.

RIM4D can be practiced in any environment and all seasons from spring to winter, outdoor and indoor as well.

" RIM4D is a Journey not a destination "

Take a brake from the daily fast paced crazy hustle & bustle!

Welcome. Join us and start your own RIM4D Journey today!

Signature Attributes of RIM4D


1. Simple, efficient and easy to learn. No equipment required.

2. Naturally build up and maintain strong and healthy endurance.

3. Practicing in time intervals with coordinated breathing.

4. Slow motion in constant speed from start to finish.

5. Dynamic Observational Meditation with eyes opened.


4 levels of RIM4D




Assistant Teacher

RIM4D Teacher



Upcoming Events


Summer Trail Adventures 2021

Conservation Areas & Parks of Escarpment Country, ON, CA.


RIM4D GWA in ON, Canada

Scheduled for Summer 2021.

For more information >> NEWS



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