Inspired and Powered by Nature

RIM4D - Relaxation In Motion 4D



Inspired by Nature and Pensive Thinkers


   Look deep into the nature then you will understand

   everything better.     

                              by Albert Einstein

RIM4D is a simple tool which you can use to discover and harness the power of your body and the power of your mind.

Take and Enjoy a RIM4D Moment wi==th Us


   If you are curious, you will find the puzzles around you.

   If you are determined, you will solve them.

                                                                     by Ernő Rubik


We'll keep posting pictures of RIM4D moments and training sites captured by our members > Lake Minnewanka, AB, CA >

RIM4D Approach


Naturally enhance and maintain strong & healthy endurance.
Personal attention to your personal preferences.

No race with time, but know-how to make a good use of it.

All individual RIM4D journey is unique as yourself.

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Special Services & Projects


-  RIM4D-VTR Virtual Room

RIM4D Soaring Eagle PRJ

-  RIM5D Development

RIM0̸GE - 0̸ G Experiment

-  RIMRqS - Rolling q Sphere


Our Training Sites




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