Inspired and Powered by Nature
RIM4D - Relaxation In Motion 4D


RIM4D Classes In The Neighbourhood


RIM4D in the Park

- Locations:  Centennial Park, Milton Fair - Big Tree, ON, CA

                     - Hilton Falls & Mnt. Nemo Conservation Areas

RIM4D Trail Adventures

- Location:  Escarpment\'s Conservation Areas, Southern ON

Classes are scheduled on daily basis from 7am to 7pm.


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We will schedule and customize your training sessions with the consideration of your personal preferences and the availability of our classes.




RIM4D Training Classes


1. Class One on One


2. Class for one Couple or a Family


3. Class for a small Group (max. 5-6 people)


For Advanced Class


RIM4D W -10 C Training


-  RIM4D Training Site Builder

RIM4D Starry Night Training


RIM4D Swimming Coach


Extra Activities 4 Fun


SPA: Study Practical Astronomy


JIM:  Journey Into Microcosm


RIM4D for Nature Conservation

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