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NEWS  Song for 2021: by Stive Morgen
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RIM4D Trail Adventures


Summer Trail Adventures has been scheduled for 2021

Locations: Tews Falls and Webster Falls, Dundus Valley at Hamilton Conservation.  7 Conservation Areas and Parks of Escarpment Country in Southern Ontario, Canada.

- Scheduled on individual request for advanced students.

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Latest News

>> SUN << today

* Courtesy of NASA/SDO teams
- 2 coronal hole, 5 prominence

> FYI: Next SPA on 08/21/2021

We will observe & discover the

constellation Scorpion & Lyra.

Follow Venus, Saturn & Jupiter



RIM4D GWA 2021


Great Waterfall Adventures has been scheduled for Summer 2021

Locations:  - Niagara Falls, Niagara, Ontario, Canada

                   - Hilton Falls Conservation Area, Ontario, CA

                   - Tews Falls & Webster Falls, Hamilton, ON, CA

For more information e-mail  >>


RIM4D GLA 2021


Great Lake Adventures

Scheduled for Summer 2021


Location: Georgian Bay, Bruce 

Peninsula, Lake Huron ON, CA

(Update will follow)




Extra Activities 2021


SPA: Study Practical Astronomy

( weather permitting )

- Date: Aug. 21st, 7 - 9:00 pm

- Location: Rattlesnake Point, C_Site #8, Milton, ON, Canada

Dedicated to John Dobson's memory and his legacy. R.I.P

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